What is your hypothyroidism diet?

Hypothyroidism is the phase in which thyroid hormone is not adequately produced by thyroid gland. The gland is situated in the center of the front portion of the neck. For the proper functioning of the body, sufficient production of the thyroid hormones is very essential. It is cause miscarriage and other complications during delivery.

Also, a child born to woman suffering from Hypothyroidism is mentally and physically weak. Also, the IQ level of such kids is about 25% lower than a normal child. There are also chances that the child born may be premature. Thus, it is extremely necessary that a woman should get herself thoroughly checked by the doctor so as to live a healthy life.

However, in spite of regular blood tests, hypothyroidism may not be detected for a long time. This is because pathology tests are unable to identify ‘sub clinical’ kind of hypothyroidism. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include constipation, acute tiredness, cramping of muscles, abnormal rise in weight and fluctuating dry and cold skin. The thyroid test must be regularly done in the following cases

1 hormonal imbalance
2 someone within the family has or is suffering from hypothyroidism
3 going through menopausal age
4 has suffered from stress during the previous two to three years
5 suffering from the hypothyroidism symptoms

To ensure proper functioning of the thyroid glands so that they produce adequate amount of thyroid hormones, make the diet rich in vitamins, fats, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Also, other minerals should be added in your diet, they are

1 Tyrosine-abundant foods
2 Iodine-abundant foods
3 protein of high quality
4 Selenium-abundant foods
5 fatty acids
6 Vitamin B supplements
7 sunlight

Although sunlight is not a food article but is very important source of vitamin D. it fuels the pineal gland and enhances the functioning of endocrine gland as well as thyroid. Fatty acids aid in the normal functioning of the hormone system and thus add to the health of the person. Foods rich in Tyrosine include almonds, chicken and turkey breast, lima beans, fish, avocado, sesame seeds, bananas, lentils and pumpkin seeds. It is advisable that the tyrosine supplements be taken before eating anything. Iodine in combination with tyrosine produces hormone thyroxine essential for the normal functioning of the body.

Sea food, seaweed, salty water fish and Celtic sea salt are rich sources of iodine. The mixture of iodized salt and high quality Celtic sea salt should be added to the diet. Also, supplements of iron can be taken but it is advisable that these should be taken on doctor’s recommendation. A doctor’s prescription is necessary or else it can disturb functioning of thyroid.  Since hormones and glands are made up of proteins, adding good quality of proteins to the diet enhances the functioning of hormones. Onions, salmon, Brazil nuts, dairy products like cheese and milk, seafood, garlic, brewer’s yeast, black strap molasses and broccoli are rich sources of Selenium.

A healthy diet can control the hypothyroidism to a large extent and enable a person to live a healthy life.

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