Various alternatives to cure hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a disease that is caused by insufficient production of thyroid glands or thyroid hormones in the body. The disease is primarily caused due to lack of iodize in the body. Thyroid hormone is needed for the successful metabolism and growth of the body.

Some of the minute effects of the hypothyroidism are drowsiness, weakness in the body, depression, and loss of weight. Apart from these minute side effects hypothyroidism can also lead to some of the serious effects on the body like the following:

1. Goiter
2. Significant weight loss
3. Low blood pressure
4. Insomnia
5. Swelling in the feet or hands

Mostly the symptoms of hypothyroidism are akin to the symptoms of other diseases therefore generally it becomes difficult to diagnose a person suffering from hypothyroidism. However, with proper treatment and medicinal help hypothyroidism can be effectively cured

There are many alternative medicines available today to cure this disease. The most common medicine for treating hypothyroidism is iodine in the form of radioactive liquid. This treatment is basically meant for the patients who have under active thyroid glands. The drug will consecutively slow down the growth of goiter by calming the thyroid hormones. Besides this, another drug that is most often prescribed for hypothyroidism is beta-blockers that help to control the rate of heartbeat.

There are various food items that the thyroid patients should avoid eating as these foods interfere with the treatment. Names of some of such food items are:

1. Cabbage
2. Spinach
3. Soy beans
4. Kale
5. Cauliflower
6. Broccoli
7. Brussels sprouts
8. Turnips
9. Kale

Besides these food items hypothyroidism patients should avoid heavy intake of caffeine, alcohol and dairy products. In a recent study made has been shown that fatty acids like omega-3 has proved to beneficial in the treatment of thyroid. Vitamin C, calcium, L-carnitine, B complex and magnesium are some other nutrition’s that can help to reduce goiter.

Another very useful alternative that is 100% safe and secure is treatment of hypothyroidism through herbs. As herbs are natural so there is no risk of side effects. Herb tea that is made of special flowers and glycerites is very effective method for healing thyroid. Though the normal intake of tea is limited to two to three cups every day but it’s preferable that patient should consult the doctor or specialist for proper guidance or assistance.  Moreover some other natural remedies that will surely help hypothyroidism patient are:

1. Lemon balm- to calm overactive thyroid hormones
2. Coconut oil- to increase the energy levels in the bogy as it gets easily absorbed by the body
3. Motherwort- to control heartbeat
4. Lycopus virginica- reduce swelling
5. Turmeric- helps to absorb the herbs

Homeopathy has proved to be very successful alternative to heal hypothyroidism. But, it always advisable to consult a doctor before going for these any curing remedy. In addition to this patients should also aim to take some precautions or safety measures so as to avoid any possibility of incurring hypothyroidism again.  

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