The relation of Depression with Hypothyroidism

The hypothyroidism is a condition in which, the thyroid gland fails to perform its normal functions. Malfunctioning of the thyroid gland is taken in a way that thyroid gland is unable to produce enough thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism, if produced less, affects entire body system. The condition of hypothyroidism goes undetected many times because of its sluggish way to develop the original symptoms.

On the other hand, depression is the commonest mental disorder and known as “common cold of mental health”. The disorder has no perfect origin and the symptoms it gives vary from person to person. However, it begins with certain ‘slow symptoms’ i.e. slowness in everything. A person likes loneliness, laziness etc. There is no particular age or gender in which depression is noted more but there are certain diseases which bring depression even to a normal person.

The relation of depression with hypothyroidism is very well known. Some of the experts think that even subclinical hypothyroidism may also develop the primary depression. These two disorders can have some common physiological background. In some cases, even though the depressed patient has no hypothyroidism, an additional therapy of thyroid hormones to antidepressant will improve the condition of depression.

Hypothyroidism could be one of the possibilities causing the chronic depression especially in the elderly women. If this remains untreated, it can, over time, cause mental and behavioral impairment. This may result even in further bad situation like dementia. At this stage, it is a big question that whether any kind of treatment can completely reverse the case of memory loss and bring concentration back or not. However, a mental disorder in Hypothyroidism that is congenital is only considered to be incurable.

Depression could be the primary sign of an underactive or an overactive thyroid. Depression when associates with Hypothyroidism, it produces the symptoms like fatigue, lethargy, mental dullness etc. Since these symptoms are common even in Hypothyroidism, a physician often gets confused and skips the diagnoses for Hypothyroidism and treats depression as depression. Symptoms like sleepiness, slowing of speech, lack of interest in personal relationship and general apathy really makes doctor confuse as the Hypothyroidism and depression go in the same way on initial stages.

There are lot many researches done on the depression and Hypothyroidism just to understand the relation between them. In studies, there was a discussion for these both diseases and on basis of that it is thought that the patient with long history of depression may have been a consequence of untreated Hypothyroidism. It is strongly recommended by the physiatrists that depressed patient should be screened for Hypothyroidism. Another important factor to be included is, in Hypothyroidism patient, depression can be responsive with a replacement regimen that may include T3 along with T4.


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