Relation between thyroid and heart attacks

Thyroid gland is a small mass of cell found at the base of the throat. These tissues actively participate in the secretion of pro thyroid an in active form of the thyroid hormone. They are then converted in to active thyroid hormone in the presence of certain chemicals that are required to activate the compound. The thyroid hormone plays a dominant role in various boy metabolisms.

Two types of problems relate to thyroid production namely hyperthyroidism. In this type, the problem occurs due to the excess production of thyroid hormone. In the case of hypothyroidism, there is in significant amount of the hormone production. The common symptoms that accompany a thyroid dysfunction are dry skin, hair loss. The most disquieting symptoms include the high cholesterol level in the blood along with high blood pressure. As a result of this it can consequently lead to heart attacks and various problems related to the blood vessels.

It is suspected that women are more prone to the thyroid problems as compared to the men folks. Recent studies conducted with many women who have reached the menopause have shown some facts. Many who are affected with sub clinical hypothyroidism has shown to have great problems and unfortunately the sub clinical thyroidism can not be detected under normal routine tests. These cases have a normal thyroxin level and TSH over 4 mUI.

When tested for heart attacks with the help of medical examinations and EKG test shows that the case having sub clinical hypothyroidism had suffered from heart attacks. A lower back radiography done to detect the effect of atherosclerosis also shows the calcium deposits in the heart valves and in the aorta valve of the heart.

Unfortunately, some percentage of women also had heredity thyroid problems and atherosclerosis. Those who have heredity problems also have to do a periodic thyroid tests to confirm the absence of the dysfunction of the hormone. Many who suffered from hypo thyroidism also were suffering from the atherosclerosis or suffer from minor heart attacks.

The sub clinical hypothyroidism also shows the high risk of heart diseases as the smoking, increased cholesterol level and high blood pressure poses dangers of minor heart diseases. In addition studies also shows that the danger of heart disease is higher for those with under active thyroid hormones as compared with the over active thyroid cells.

In a nut shell, studies have concluded an active relation between the thyroid dysfunction and the heart diseases and arthrosclerosis. One most important way to avoid is by having a complete balanced food that has sufficient amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, especially vitamin A and D, minerals, fats and proteins. All these have known to play a deciding role to help control the thyroid hormone dysfunction. In addition to this these essential nutrients that can not be synthesised by the body cells like the iodine molecule have to be taken well in limits to help to avoid any deficient diseases and thus can lead a healthy life.

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