How Hypothyroidism Affects Fertility

There has been always a relation between the thyroid gland and the infertility. It affects both the genders but especially the women are affected the most. There is an association between underactive thyroid and the sterility in women. Lower levels of hormones of thyroid can interfere with the ovulation. This will impair the fertility. Adding to this, there are some underlying causes of hypothyroidism like certain autoimmune or pituitary disorder may impair the fertility especially in women.

Treating underactive thyroid is one of the major aspects to correct the infertility. However, hypothyroidism may cause the infertility; the treatment of hypothyroidism by using thyroid hormone supplement may not fully restore fertility. There should be some interventions those are to be needed to treat infertility even though hypothyroidism is treated well. It is seen many times that a person especially a lady who is having hypothyroidism, often thinks about the complication in her pregnancy and suffers from the complex that the disease ‘hypothyroidism’ is the biggest impediment for her to achieve the fertilization. But there are ways, which can treat the hypothyroidism in such a way that it can go hand-to-hand with pregnancy.

On the other hand, if one is suffering from hypothyroidism and becomes pregnant, she should inform the doctor promptly as close monitoring will be required to the thyroid gland’s activity in terms of its hormonal levels in blood. Decreased levels of thyroid hormones can impair normalcy of fetal development and there are chances of increase in risk of miscarriage.

Infertility and hypothyroidism are related to each other in many cases. Hypothyroidism is the condition in which, there is insufficient production of the thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland. This condition can interfere the process of conceiving in a female. On the other hand, male also get such type of problem. In males, hypothyroidism can cause reduction of the sperm’s lifespan and can also cause low sperm count known as oligospermia. There may be weakness and lack of interest in sexual activity. Radioactive iodine in ablation doses can affect the gonads up to certain extent, but it doesn’t increase genetic malformation rate in the offspring or decrease fertility.

Recent studies show that although menstrual irregularities are common, conception and ovulation can still happen in hypothyroidism. This is because the thyroxin hormone restores a normal menstrual pattern and brings the hormonal changes to their normal levels. On the other hand, subclinical hypothyroidism can be associated with ovulatory dysfunction and can also adverse the pregnancy outcome.

Keeping thyroid hormones in level will assure your metabolism in the body. Taking regular and healthy diet along with certain ‘thyroid stimulating’ exercises will make thyroid gland to function well in terms of proper hormonal production. Once the hypothyroidism has occurred, great precautions are to be taken to prevent the infertility as later or complicated stage of hypothyroidism.


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