Herbs are the best way for treating hypothyroidism

Herbs can decrease the level of cholesterol in your body and ensure the normal functioning of your arteries. Some of the herbs that are taken for treating hypothyroidism

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The stage where adequate amount of thyroid hormones are not produced by thyroid glands is known as hypothyroidism. This causes the metabolism of the body to slow down. It can cause various complications, such as miscarriage and birth of a premature baby. Also, it can decrease rate of your heart beats, your hair can become brittle and dry, irregularity in menstruations, infertility, cramping of muscles and itching of skin. Other symptoms include chronic tiredness, depression and dry and cold skin.

If hypothyroidism is not treated on time, various other complications can develop, such as gain in weight, mental impairment, yellowing of the skin, myxedema or puffiness of the face and goiter. The problem is cured by replacing it with thyroid hormone. It is advisable that you get yourself regularly checked so as to detect hypothyroidism.

However, at times hypothyroidism is not detected in the pathologic tests but in case you suffer from its symptoms get yourself treated. You should get yourself tested in case of- hormonal imbalance, has suffered from stress during the previous two to three years, hypothyroidism in your family and menopausal age.

It is advisable that to make sure proper functioning of thyroid gland so that adequate amount of thyroid hormones are produced nutritious diet should be taken. Food products that should be taken include Selenium-abundant foods, Iodine-abundant foods, Vitamin B supplements, Tyrosine-abundant foods, fatty acids, protein of high quality and sunlight.

Onions, salmon, Brazil nuts, dairy products like cheese and milk, seafood, garlic, brewer’s yeast, black strap molasses and broccoli are rich sources of Selenium. Sea food, seaweed, salty water fish and Celtic sea salt are rich sources of iodine.

Hypothyroidism can be treated by detecting thyroid and supplementing thyroxin. However, herbs are the best way for treating hypothyroidism. Herbs can decrease the level of cholesterol in your body and ensure the normal functioning of your arteries. Some of the herbs that are taken for treating hypothyroidism include

  1. Black Cohosh
  2. Cayenne supplements
  3. St. John’s Wort
  4. Kelp

In case you suffer from menstrual and related problems, take Black Cohosh. It not only treats PMS but also increases the fertility chances. Since hypothyroidism is caused due to deficiency of iron, Kelp is taken to eliminate the disorders related to hypothyroidism.

Untreated hypothyroidism can negatively affect the cholesterol levels in the body and hamper the blood circulation in the body. This disorder can be treated by taking in Cayenne supplements. The supplement improves the blood circulation and makes the heart rate better and stronger. In case you suffer from depression or low functioning of thyriod, St. John’s Wort herb should be taken.

You should also avoid taking some herbs for treating hypothyroidism as it can negatively affect your immune system. The end result is that thyroid functioning depreciates more quickly. Herbs which you should avoid are

  1. bamboo
  2. lemon balm
  3. Ginseng
  4. burdock
  5. astragalus
  6. Echinacea

However, the key to control hypothyroidism is regular checking by the doctor. And taking care of the food and herbs they you should take and avoid.

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