All about hypothyroidism and cold intolerance

Hypothyroidism can be best described as an acute condition in humans and certain animals which can arise when the human body is unable to produce required amounts of thyroid hormone. This is a disease which can be mostly traced in aged people above the age of 60.

This state of low serum thyroid hormone basically arises when the gland responsible for excreting hormone serum i.e. hypothalamic, pituitary fails to do so. Hypothyroidism can be detected by several symptoms, such as poor muscle tone, constipation and feeling fatigued all the time.

One of the most striking and early symptom of hypothyroidism is clod intolerance. Cold intolerance is a physical condition where the human body suddenly becomes resistant to cold. Constant shivering and incapability to endure even slightly cold temperatures are some of the characteristics of cold intolerance. Other symptoms include sudden weight gain, constant depression and muscle cramps.

Some other symptoms include thinning of hair and extremely thin, brittle nails. As the disease reaches at later stages, some other significant changes can be noticed as well, such as impaired memory, abnormal menstrual cycles and slowed speech and development of hoarse voice.

The state till which an individual may be affected by this disease varies. While some may be affected only with the occurrence of a few mild symptoms, others may be affected severely leading to several life-threatening situations, such as cardiovascular diseases and myxedema.

In order to combat this disease, it is very important to diagnose it first. Hypothyroidism is generally diagnosed by professional doctors simply by measuring the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) which is produced by the body. Higher the amount of TSH found in an individual’s body, he has higher risks of suffering from hypothyroidism.

However it is argued by medical experts that simply by measuring the amount of TSH is not the most accurate and reliable way of detecting hypothyroidism as it cannot successfully diagnose the disease, if it is in secondary or tertiary form. In such situations, it is advisable to go for a blood test which can reveal much reliable results.

A person who has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism should always be checked for his family history. Chances are that if anyone from his family in the past has been suffering from the disease, the diagnosis results will be positive. A simple physical examination can also reveal whether an individual is suffering from the disease or not. It simply requires the doctor to check the patient’s trachea to look out for any midline deviation which may hint at the possibility of any enlarged gland which may be hinting at the possibility of hypothyroidism.

A simple finger test can also reveal important results. This can be done by running the fingers over the palpate to feel the whole thyroid gland to check for the occurrence of a possible disease which can be treated well in time then.

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